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Anthony Becker, Indicted Santa Clara City Council Member

Open Letter to Anthony Becker: A Call for Immediate Resignation

Dear Mr. Anthony Becker,

We, the concerned residents of Santa Clara, write to demand your immediate resignation due to the following critical points:

You have been indicted for leaking and lying about a Grand Jury report to the 49ers.

You face up to four years in prison. Despite grave allegations against you, you have refused to step down. You unethically fail to recuse yourself from council votes regarding issues surrounding the issues raised in the Grand Jury report. You continue to draw a salary funded by Santa Clara taxpayers, despite a rash of unethical choices. You and your colleagues, the “49er Five,” have declined our request for a public meeting to address these issues.

Our Direct Request to You, Mr. Becker:

We implore you to act honorably, respect our community, and immediately resign from your position, allowing our city to heal and move forward.

Please make the right decision now: resign.


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